Our Pet Armor Plus Pet Protection Story

UPDATE: Several commenters have alerted me to rumors of a recall of these products.  Please see the official response from Pet Armor on this topic here: http://www.petarmor.com/legal/media.php. 
To date, we have not had any problems using these products on all of our pets.

We've already introduced you to the affordable option that Pet Armor and Pet Armor Plus have been providing pet owners who wish to protect their pets against ticks and fleas.  We actually tried this product last week, and we wanted to share how it worked:

The packaging is simple for Pet Armor's products.  We opened the pipette and applied the product to the back of our dog's neck (between the shoulder blades) and then turned him loose into the bathroom.  (He has a tendency to rub all over my couch when he is bathed or has to have any product put on him.  This way I ensured that he wouldn't try to rub off the Pet Armor, as well.)

Here is a happy Gilbert after applying the product.

He really didn't care much one way or the other.  Now, however, I know that he is protected for a full 30 days.  I could fill out the date of the application on a sticker that came in the product packaging.  You can either put it on your calendar or fridge (it comes off just fine when you're done.)

If you're wondering about how effective the product is, look at how it compares to Frontline for dogs:

If you're not already using a flea and tick product like Pet Armor for your pet due to the cost, I completely understand.  It can be hard to afford just what your pets need to be safe.  If you have children in the home, however, its just as important to protect your kids from the pests that can come in as hitchhikers on the backs of buggy dogs and cats, and these products have been made affordable to help you keep your house (and pets and kids) healthy and bug-free.  Available for much less than Frontline, we are excited about the chance to treat all 3 of our pets monthly for less.

Learn more about PetArmor and sign up for news and valuable offers at their website.  (And while you're here, check out this fun video interview with Mandy Moore about her pets!)

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