Pet Armor Plus for the Big Guy

UPDATE: Several commenters have alerted me to rumors of a recall of these products.  Please see the official response from Pet Armor on this topic here: 

To date, we have not had any problems using these products on all of our pets.

Using Pet Armor Plus on our little dog, Gilbert, was simple.  In theory, it should be easy to use for any dog.  Our monster pup, Glenn, who is a Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd/Bloodhound mix is difficult to deal with at times.  He tips the scales at 100+ pounds, and he's still growing!

Here is our big baby trying to get in the house.

Generally, he doesn't make it through the door, but we've had our share of times when he sneaks by!

Because he tends to push the younger kids around and get inside every week or so, we have been working very hard at training him that this is OUR HOUSE.  We do feel a bit better when he gets in, however, now that we've started using the Pet Armor Plus product on him.  While we want to have flea and tick prevention for his own health, I have to admit that I also want to keep my house free from the critters, too.

Whether you have an outside dog, inside cat, or pets that come in and out (like ours), you will definitely want to make sure that they aren't getting burdened by bugs.  (My husband already found our first tick inside the house this year, and we're getting ready to give the boys their "summer cuts" -- i.e., shave their heads -- to keep the tick issue under control.)  Living in the country can be tough, if you're not ready to battle those ticks!

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Do you have a big baby at home?  What kinds of trouble does he or she get into?

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