Review of koobli

First of all, you may be asking, "What's a koobli?"  It's a brilliant little product designed to keep mess manageable, and we tried it at our house over the last month -- and loved it!

This cover is like a smock, but much easier to put on.  It's parent-sized, which means you can use it when you're helping kids with their artwork, if you need to burp a baby that spits up a lot, or for any other activity where being a mom, teacher, or caregiver could leave you stained or messy.

Our favorite use for the koobli is our monthly haircut day.  I put it on right before I get the clippers for my boys' hair, and I can give them all their summer cuts without getting any hair on my own clothes.  I just peel off the koobli when I'm done, shake it out, and toss it into the wash!

My koobli is a pretty purpley-pink color, but the product itself is unisex.  Get one in a neutral color, and you can share it with your hubby, too!

Find out more about the no-mess solution at koobli's official website.

*Sample was received to review.  Opinions are always mine.