Review of Synonyms Board Game

The games we like most at our house are those that have an educational component to them. While we love to incorporate them into our homeschool curriculum, it's also just fun to hang out at night, playing games, and getting to know one another. We recently tried out the Synonyms board game with my 12-year-old daughter. The results were mixed. The game, while fun, was also a bit too challenging for her to fully enjoy. She has a large vocabulary, reads at or above her age level, and generally likes being stretched. Many of the words included in the game, however, were rather difficult.

An example of a word used on the easiest level is "do".  synonyms include accomplish, achieve, act, arrange, bring about, cause, complete, conduct...

Now, that wouldn't be hard for most kids 10 and up to think of a few synonyms. Thinking of six might be tricky.  An example of a word in the hardest level is "behavior".  Can you think of six synonyms for this word?  I couldn't, but here are a few: acts, action, air, attitude, bearing, carriage (you get the point.)

As a wordsmith, I love this game.  Nothing has been more useful in my writing career than a wide vocabulary and an understanding of synonyms.  Because I want my daughter to enjoy the same success in her writing that I have been able to achieve, we will continue to play this game regularly.  I do think that she will start to learn to love it, and with some changes to the game play (using just the easiest cards begin with), she'll have a bit of fun with it, too.

Synonyms is designed for two or more players ages 10 and up. Adults should love it, older children will get a lot out of it, and it may fast become one of the favorite games in your home. I do have to say that this game is very well constructed. The cards are sturdy, with a nice clear coat on them to help them last a long time.  There are also plenty of cards, making for fresh gameplay for many years.  (The tag line for the game - "The Word Game that Gets Your Mind Racing" - is accurate.  You'll do nothing but think while playing.)

You can read more about the game at the official website,  I consider it to be a great investment in your child's literary future. (Available at Amazon for $29.99)

*Sample was received for review.  Opinions are 100% mine.