2 Last-Minute Gifts for Dad!

Dad deserves the best, doesn't he?  Whether he's a DIY kind of guy, or just likes to kick back with some sports, we've gone through dozens of product suggestions to find the right picks for this year's gift.  We're sure you'll find something for the Special Guy on your list, but here are two we couldn't pass up!

The 3M™ Fuel™ X2P Safety Eyewear & 3M™ Forceflex™ Safety Eyewear from the 3M Tekk line are perfect for protecting Dad's peepers from flying debris, dust, or materials while working.  We put these to the test and found them to be perfect for mowing and working in the shop.  They aren't clunky or heavy like other safety glasses, and they protect against the sun's harmful rays.  Since it's easy to drop a pair or accidentally crush them, we were very impressed by the Forceflex pair (shown) and its ability to withstand regular wear and tear (and even a bit of irregular activity, as well.)  They are stylish and can be worn all day!

If your Dad is the DIY kind, you'll want to check out the entire line of 3M Tekk protection, especially the valved respirators and the neat new protective earmuff with AM/FM stereo! 

Dad's often get nice pens (along with those pesky ties), but can you say that you've given your father something as flashy AND as practically cool as the new Sharpie Stainless Steel?  This brushed metal pen is durable, and marks smooth like a fat Sharpie should.  It's also refillable, making it something Dad can remember you by -- always!   

Find this "sharp" gift idea wherever Sharpie products are sold! 

What will you get Dad this year?

*We received samples of some items in our gift guide. Others we purchased ourselves. No additional compensation has been provided in exchange for being featured in our guide. In other words, "if we don't like it, you won't find it here!"