Does Your Dad "Get" Gadgets?

Gadgets and techie items are usually promoted heavily during Father's Day.  Unless it's a tool, however, I'm more likely to get excited over a gadget than my hubby.  That's why I took some time to really think about what he needed in a gadget and sought to get one for him at!

I decided on this simple, easy-to-use, play and play Maxell FM transmitter for our car.  It uses one of 4 frequencies to transmit whatever is playing on our iPod, iPhone, or MP3 player directly through our car speakers.  It was one of the most affordable ones Walmart offered, and I could order it to my home.

I opened it up, put in 3 AAA batteries, and plugged it into my iPhone.  We were listening to our iTunes account and Pandora channels in no time! 

It's so small and lightweight!

Alien Ant Farm anyone?

The Burb is dusty, but the speakers work fine!

 At just $15 bucks, this was a steal.  We had money left over to buy a few tunes from the Walmart store to load on my iPhone, too!

 You can find several models of FM transmitters in Walmart stores and at  Some allow you to plug them in and charge (instead of loading with batteries), and others offer more channels.  This suited our needs well, however, and I'm glad we went with a more affordable model.

Do you have a gadget in mind for your husband or Father this year?

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