Giving Allergies the Smack Down

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Allergies stink.  My kids have been fortunate to not be affected by them until recently.  With our home surrounded by corn and bean fields, it gets a bit tough around the spring and harvest seasons.  The only time allergies don't completely plague my middle son and 12-year-old daughter is in the winter (when all the plants are dead.)  Since that time of year is brief (and not the best time to play outside), we focus on how to make the warmer months more enjoyable for my family.

We take steps to help minimize allergies here on the farm, both by being proactive and by treating it when needed.  I make sure that the kids don't wear shoes in the house, and that they shed their clothes and shower upon coming in from playing outside each day.  While I have gotten lazy once or twice - letting the kids sleep in their play clothes - I always end up paying for it by having kids with snotty noses, itchy eyes, and fatigue.  We also use OTC meds, like Claritin, when needed.  (Thankfully, they have chewable options for kids that won't take liquid meds.)

Farm kids are just like any other kids, except their allergies may be different.  Whether they are getting bothered by the corn fields, or the chlorine in the public pool, we've learned to take the matters seriously.  Being consistent with our allergy "smack down" helps to make sure my kids enjoy their summers and feel good year-round!

This guide, featured below, contains some additional helpful tips for managing allergies.  They aren't just for kids, however.  If you are hubby are bothered by them, you'll find that they can work for you, too!

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