Review of Babiators Sunglasses

Sunglasses for babies?  Really?

That's what I first though when I received the chance to try these cute-as-a-button shades from Babiators.  Although I understand the need to protect little peepers from harmful rays, the actual product would need to be durable and comfy for my son to put them on.  Thankfully, Babiators are both bendy (meaning tots can't really snap the lenses or frames) and super-accommodating to the fussy wearer.

Yeah.. we haven't quite got the "on" part yet.

Thank goodness for sunscreen -- and Babiators!

With 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays, these glasses aren't just an adorable accessory, they work!  Now if I can only get my little guy to keep them on longer!  (We should have started him wearing them when he was younger -- so he could get used to the idea!)

BPA and Pthalate-free, they come in 2 sizes and four cool colors (Black Ops Black, Blue Angels Blue, Rockstar Red, and Princess Pink.)

You can find them at boutiques nationwide and!