Review of Spell-It-Out Photo Gifts

I'm not a photographer (anyone who reads my blog probably already knows this.) I do love well-done photo gifts, however.  I especially appreciate photos that capture a sentiment, a feeling, or a moment.

That's why I fell in love with the photo gifts from Spell-It-Out.  You choose a word, and they put the letters together in a beautiful and artistic way.  Each letter is represented by a charming and whimsical still object!  We sampled a small "Joy" photo frame for the top of our piano.  We get lots of compliments on it, and I could just imagine getting a larger framed piece for each of our kids' names.  They are rather affordable for what you get, and the gift-giving options are endless!

Here is a sample that I did on the website of my name:

With many options for sizing, color (sepia, black and white, or color) and, of course, the letter styles and combinations themselves, there is no end to the creativity of this product!  Play around with some words yourself, and fall in love with the concept!

Choose from framed prints, posters, magnets, and more.  With greeting cards starting at $25 for a box of 10, you can also use these as a great way to personalize your communications with friends and clients!

Find out more about this innovative product line at!

*Sample was received for review.  Opinions are 100% my own.