Summer DIY: Grilling for the Novice Cook

I would never consider myself a grilling expert.  (In fact, I've only grilled once or twice prior to getting our new gas grill.)  Since I've gotten a bit more confident in that area, however, I decided to try grilled an entire meal, including corn on the cob!

Here is what I did to create this fabulous meal!

1.  Purchased all my fixings at my neighborhood grocery store (hot dogs, corn, buns, chips, and seasoning -- plus, my kids like Nesquick for their milk.)

2.  Soaked the corn after peeling the shucks (but leaving them on), then grilling them with the husks on for 15-20 minutes.

Meanwhile, I lightly grilled the hot dogs and placed all the yummy snack foods in bowls.  (The kids helped by getting the condiments out of the fridge.)

Here is the delicious corn (recipe inspired by Tara over at Unsophisticook):

Here is the completed, delicious meal!

What DIY tips do you have for cooking out?