Review of Calnaturale's Svelte Drinks

I have tried a few drinks with soy and rice syrup in my day, and for the most part, I really don't care for them.  I don't know what it is (maybe the aftertaste?), but I have generally avoided trying new kinds.  Then, I was a moderator at this year's Reviewer's Retreat, and sampled the Cappucino Svelte drink in my swag bag.

It was good.

I don't know if it was the flavor, or the fact that I drank it real cold, but I actually enjoyed drinking the Svelte product.  It was filling, and it fit well within my eating plan.  I didn't feel the usual "Oh gross, I just drank a whole glass of a health drink" feeling.  I felt satisfied.

After my initial experience with the Calnaturale Svelte, I was offered the chance to try the entire line.  There are four flavors: Chocolate, Cappuccino, French Vanilla and Spiced Chai, so I agreed.  The first on my list was again the Cappucino (because I KNEW I would like it.)  I then tried the Chocolate, which was also good, and the Vanilla, which was less flavorful, but also mild on the "soy" flavoring.  I tried just a sip of the Spice Chai, because I really don't like chai.

All in all, I could see myself drinking these often.  With 16g of organic protein from fresh organic soymilk, along with organic complex carbohydrates for sustained energy, Svelte is a low-glycemic option that is relatively low in calories (just 9 grams of sugar).  You also don't need to drink the entire bottle at once, meaning, it could make two modest snacks.  Perfect for those on a dairy- or gluten-free diet, the variety of flavors is appealing to me (because I get bored with any healthy product easily.)

For a mom on the go, who gets tempted by fast food or sugary coffee drinks, this is a safe and satisfying option.  Find out more about CalNaturale's Svelte at their official website.

*Yummy samples were received to review.  Opinions are 100% my own.