We Scream for Ice Cream (and ZhuZhu Pets)

While we usually take it easy on a hot summer day, today we had a Zhu-niverse Ice Cream Party, complete with frozen treats and the newest ZhuZhu pets and accessories.  Our guests had a blast with the Ice Cream Parlor (which took me a minute to assemble, but kept the kids busy for almost two hours!)  We also adored the Ice Cream Truck, which has a little button for the kids to press, then it plays a traditional ice cream truck bell jingle.

At first, we had a rough time getting everyone to play nicely together. (Even with four new ZhuZhu's in bright colors, there didn't seem to be enough accessories to go around.  In fact, two boys kept fighting over the "ice cream server" hat that fit on the hamster's head.)  We got it sorted out, however, and decided that some would eat ice cream, while others played.  Taking turns can work when you have sweets around!

Here are some pictures of our party.

Even the baby enjoyed his frozen treat (although we had to keep him away from the toys.  They have tiny pieces and aren't for kids under age 3 or who put things in their mouth.)

Just look at those blue eyes!  I can't say I've seen him this happy in awhile.  The rest of the kids enjoyed their special day, too!

You can find out more about the Zhu Crew and their new ice cream-inspired gear at the official Zhu website!

*Samples were received for this review. Opinions (and fun) are entirely our own!