At Heavenly Couture, Everything is $15!

It is hard finding cute junior discount clothing these days.  In fact, while I always find neat things for my daughter and I to wear, the price tag is almost more than our budget can handle.  Luckily, there are companies trying hard to offer quality items for much less than major department or boutique stores, and one of them is Heavenly Couture!

We tried out a Romeo and Juliet Couture top from their store last week, and it fit well while being of a nice construction.  I really appreciated the the items arrived looking just like they do in the photos!

In addition to your typical offerings of hats, belts, accessories, and cheap dresses, you will also find a few pairs of shoes and some vests and jackets!  I was impressed with their entire assortment of cheap junior clothing, actually.  In fact, you will find everything $15 or less!

If your budget is ready for hot looks without the high cost, you will definitely want to check out the site for cheap junior clothing before you settle for your boring back-to-school shopping list.  My daughter and I were really impressed with the selection, style, and how quickly the items were shipped from Heavenly Couture!

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