Blue Bunny Mini's are So Sweet! (Giveaway)

Yeah, I'm a bit partial to Blue Bunny ice cream, because I've been eating it all my life!  It's sooo creamy, and unfortunately, I've avoided having it in the house lately, because I'm trying to drop a few pounds.  (That baby weight doesn't burn itself, you know.)  When we were selected to try some new Blue Bunny frozen treat, I was torn.  Yes, I wanted to try the ice cream, but what would I do with all that good stuff in my house?

Good thing we got to sample the new Mini's... a line of treats just as decadent as the full-size treats you already love, but with tiny servings!  Most of these treats are just 4 points on the Weight Watchers program (if you only eat one), meaning I could eat them with my husband and kids EVERY DAY and not feel guilty!  When it's hot, there's nothing better....

We tried the following flavors:
If you like birthday cake flavoring, you'll LOVE these Mini Swirls.

They are like the Champ! cones you already love, but they have a yummy vanilla frosting flavor and sprinkles.  This was my kids' fave, as they taste like a birthday party and are white (no chocolate mess.)  My fave was a tie between the mini ice cream bars and the Vanilla Mini Champ!  (I love the chocolate at the bottom of the cone.)

If you like eating whatever you want.. in moderation, of course, these new Mini treats are for you.  Find out more, sign up for savings, or just check out the other offerings from Blue Bunny at their website!

Wanna Win?  We are giving one lucky reader Bunny Bucks (a coupon for purchase of one Blue Bunny packaged ice cream or frozen novelty.)  To be entered to win, just tell us which of the Mini's you'd want to try first!  We'll give you until August 10th at 11:59 pm CST to get your entries in. Giveaway is open to U.S 18+ only. (Don't forget to enter our other blog giveaways while you're here!)

*Yummy samples were received. Opinions are 100% my own.