Johnsonville Brat Burgers... Yum!

I betcha thought grilling season was almost over, but in fact -- we go year-round at our house. We were able to try Johnsonsville Bratwurst Patties this week, and the results were super delicious.  First, if you are already a fan of the Johnsonville Brats, you'll find the same juicy and flavorful ingredients in the Patties (which are like brats in a burger form.)  They go well on your favorite fancy rolls (onion, perhaps) and grill up lovely.  Second, if you don't dig the skin around traditional sausages and brats (some don't), you'll find these skinless/casing-free finds to be to your liking.

Here is a little video we did sharing our grilling and dining experience:

The key to our recipe was to keep it simple:  Buns, Brats, Grilled Veggies, and a little mustard.  If you have a thriving garden, like we do, you can throw most anything on the grill to give some crunch and depth to your Johnsonville Brat Patties!

Note: They also come in Italian Sausage!

Are you still keeping the grill hot this year?  What ideas do you have for a brat burger?

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