Review of dENIZEN Jeans for Women

I like buying jeans at the thrift store because they tend to be more comfy and lived-in.  I also like a dark wash, however, so finding used jeans that still have that dark color is difficult.  We recently tried a pair of dENIZEN jeans from LEVI'S, and available exclusively at Target.  I rarely buy clothes from Target, because they seem to be geared towards a younger crowd and the fit is rarely right.  These jeans, however were right on target!

First, I ordered a size true to my other jeans, a size 6.  The style was mid-waist and stretchy, just how I like it.  Even though I usually wear a petite, I got these in a regular length, and they weren't that long, at all.  I could wear them with a high heel without having to roll them up.  They really keep their shape during the day, too.  If they start out comfy, they don't get too loose as the day goes on (unlike some other jeans with stretch in them.)  I also LOVED the wash.  They were nice and dark and flattering.  I could wash these with my other jeans and they didn't bleed or fade.

Here are the jeans that I tried.  (You can order them online only.)

While there aren't too many reasons why I would buy clothes at Target, these jeans would be worth the trip.  I could see getting two or three pairs to have on hand in different washes.  They also comes in men's and kids sizes, so your whole family could look stylish for under $30!

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*A pair of jeans were given to me to try as part of the Team Mom program.  Opinions are 100% my own.