A Better Me? I Do it With Vitamins....

I have not always been a fabulous eater.  In fact, during my teen years, I considered a bag of chips and a root beer to be the breakfast of champions.  Since my youth, I've figured out that balanced nutrition and an adequate intake of vitamins and minerals is not only good for me, but it is awesome for my kids, as well (especially when I am carrying them in the womb.)

Vitamins are now a daily part of what I do, in part, because they are so easy.  Doing 30 minutes of cardio a day is a pain in the tail.  Making sure I sit up straight and take time away from my computer doesn't always happen.  Curbing the fried foods when I'm bummed is a dream, at best.  The vitamins, however, happen with little to no effort, at all.

So what about this better me?  I'll tell you.. I like her quite a bit!  For one, for the past few years she hasn't worried as much about staying healthy so she can keep up with her kids.  She understands that taking vitamins is an affordable way to practice good preventative health habits (as compared to letting herself get worn down and in the doctor's office!)  She also knows that it takes just a few minutes a day to take those vitamins -- so she can move on to raising her five kids, homeschooling the family, and earning a living as a full-time blogger!

I like this "new" me...

What do you think?  Do you agree that taking a quality vitamin could inspire a new you?  If so, what would she look like?  (If you already take vitamins, tell me about the "new you".)

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