EASY DIY Fall Bird Seed Treats from Pennington

You guys know that I'm not crafty, but when I get a simple set of directions and some supplies, I at least like to try.  Today the younger kids and I spent the afternoon making bird seed treats with Pennington Wild Bird Seed, and we had a really great time!

Using just a few supplies available at Walmart, we were able to put together these neat treats.  They also make nice gifts for Grandma!

We used the Pennington Bird Seed, Great Value Flour, Great Value Corn Syrup, some Halloween cookie cutters (you could use any design you'd like), and a little water.  We also needed yarn to tie them into our trees.

We mixed up the concoction:
3/4 cup Great Value all purpose flour
3 Tablespoons Great Value light corn syrup
1/2 cup water
4 cups Pennington Wild Bird Food 

Then, we sprayed our cutters with a little Great Value cooking spray and placed them on waxed paper.

We filled each cutter with some of the seed "mix."

Then, the mix was flattened to the edges and a straw was used to poke a hole through in the middle.

The cutter was carefully removed so we could reuse it.

After about 6 hours, they were solid enough to string with yarn for hanging.

(A few of the more delicate designs broke off -- like the tip of the witch hat.  You may find that the larger designs work better for younger children: the pumpkin, for example.)

Don't they look easy?  

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