Review of Drano® Snake Plus

Drain clogs are icky.  We get them quite a bit.  While I realize that I could dump a chemical cleaner down the drain and hope for the best, I also know that a wire hanger can do the trick, as well.  (Because most of our clogs are hair, rubber bands, and band aids.)

I recently reviewed a product that combines my favorite two tools for the job (cleaner AND a wire hanger) into one product -- only this one is approved for use, so there is no scratching your porcelain sink with a hanger.  It's the Drano® Snake Plus, and it is simply the Drano Pro Concentrate Gel you are used to using packaged with a cool, flexible 18" plastic "snake."  This is one tool you do not need to have your husband's permission to use -- AND you can throw it away when you are done!

If you are always facing the unknown when it comes to drain clogs, this is a handy product to keep in your bathroom closet.  You can clear your clog without the hassle of getting out a long, dirty, gross plumbing snake, and you can say that you did it all on your own!  How's that for being handy?

Find out more about this innovative, all-in-one product at the Drano website.

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