Review of Hot Wheels Wall Tracks

 When is the last time you stepped on a race car track?  It hurts, doesn't it?  What if I told you that there was a way for your kids to play with their Hot Wheels that didn't involve finding missing pieces of track and having their stuff drift under the couch (or under your bare feet?)

The Hot Wheels Wall Tracks are just as fun as the race tracks you remember when you were a kid playing with Hot Wheels -- except for one major advantage.  They are mounted on the wall for play and for storage!  That's right, we easily installed our track to the boys' bedroom wall within 10 minutes using the included 3M adhesive strips, and they were playing up off the floor for hours!  There's no need to pick anything up, either.  The tracks stay on the wall for play and for away time.

If you happen to not do such a good job of lining up the pieces of track so that they work well, you can always get a "re-do."  There is one additional 3M strip in the package (and I'm sure if you do a really bad job, you can go to your local office supply store to get more.)  This is a great option for tiny bedrooms with no additional shelf or floor space, and it's a great alternative for kids who forget to put away their toys when they are done.  (There are even little compartments within the track to store a car or two!)

Since the 3M strips are fully removable, no damage will be done to paint or walls.  Renters can use them, too!

My boys LOVE their Daredevil Curve track and play with them a lot.  They like to stick a car in to race quickly anytime they get in and out of bed (because we have it right there on the wall next to them.)  This product is definitely made with my kids in mind!

Find out more about this innovative way to play at the Hot Wheels website.

*Sample was received to review.  Opinions are 100% my own.