New Moon Dough Review

If you’ve tried Moon Dough in the past, you’ve likely been really frustrated. I had a small batch from when it first came out, and the stuff was SO crumbly; it got everywhere and the kids always complained.

We were asked to try Moon Dough again, this time with a new formula. It is still designed for kids ages 3 and up, but it holds together much better. The kids can sculpt, mold, and squish it into any shape. It’s light and airy! I really like pulling the stuff apart and putting it back together again. It’s my stress therapy.

The new Moon Dough also has brighter colors than before. We used our play set to make yellow and red breakfast foods. The kids really enjoyed the mini sculpting molds. The push n’ pop action of the molds made it easy to create little tiny toasts that the kids had for their pretend “breakfast.”

If you‘ve given up on Moon Dough before, I completely understand. We threw away our old Moon Dough to make room for this less-messy, less-frustrating option. You can learn more about it at the official Moon Dough website.

*Sample was received for review from Team Mom. Opinions are completely my own.