Review of Comfort Zone Diffuser with D.A.P.

My dog is a bit of a freak. He's outgrown puppihood, but when left alone, when it storms, or when he's bored, he chews everything up and acts very naughty. We love our Rat Terrier (Gilbert), so we really want him to be happy; locking him in the bathroom when we go out is not an option.

We were happy to try Comfort Zone's Diffuser with D.A.P., although I was very skeptical that it would work. The idea of using pheromones to make a dog calm and happy made sense, but I would have thought that everyone would be using them if they really worked. We plugged in the diffuser to a standard outlet, and it worked similarly to a plug-in air freshener. Then we waited.

I guess that our dog was more calm. We left him alone a few times and came back with no trouble, although I wasn't sure I could credit the Diffuser. What was truly amazing about the product, however, was that it actually affected our outside dog, Glenn. (Glenn is a teenage Great Pyrenees, who is also a bit nuts. He dashes around the yard, ripping up trash, and causing mayhem at night. He's a big baby who gets into things when he's lonely, and he also sleeps on our step.) Did I mention that Glenn was part Bloodhound? Ever since we plugged in the Diffuser, he had started sleeping on our front step (which is just 6 feet away from the diffuser.) He is much more calm, and I can only imagine that he can smell the pheromones from the step and it is helping slightly with his behavior problems. His better behavior coincides directly with when we started using the product; it's the only thing I can think of that has changed.  It does take a full 90 days to see best results, so we will continue to keep an eye out for even more improved behavior in both of the dogs!

I would suggest giving this product a try if all else has failed you. Studies have proven that the science behind the product works, and since you just plug in in and let it work (refilling it as necessary), it's a hand-free way to comfort puppy. Learn more about this innovative technology at Comfort Zone's site.