Review of The Gruffalo on DVD (Giveaway)

Have you read the classic tale of The Gruffalo?  Even if you are not familiar, the new movie on DVD is a charming, family-friendly tale of imagination, bravery, and wit.  It tells the story of a mouse who escapes being eaten by several predatory woodland creatures in his search for an acorn feast.  His imagination comes to life, however, when he meets his made-up creation face to face!  The Gruffalo is delightful for adults and children of all ages.  Here is what my kids had to say (exact quotes here):

Micah (age 8) thought it was awesome, interesting, and funny. His favorite part of the movie was the line about "Gruffalo Crumble." He thinks that kids might be a little bit scared while watching it, but again it was funny. He thought that the Gruffalo was funny-looking. He would tell his friends about the movie, especially the first part.  He really enjoyed the music!

Matthias (age 6) liked it as well, however, he thought that the mouse lying might make children think that lying is OK.

To learn more about this treat of a film (which has a short running time, so it is perfect for busy afternoon schedules), see the NCircle Entertainment website!  (There is even a brief preview of the film you can watch.)

Wanna Win?  We have one copy of the Academy Award nominated DVD to give away.  To be entered to win, just tell us if you have heard the story of The Gruffalo!  You have until October 13th at 11:59 pm CST to get your entries in. U.S. 18+ only. (Don't forget to enter our other blog giveaways while you're here!)

*Review copy received for this review.