Better Homes and Gardens Scented Wax Warmers at Walmart

I love a good-smelling candle just as much as any gal, but my hubs is a bit resistant to the notion. Smells are often too strong for many men (especially the “girly” ones), so we battle a bit about what candles we should use in the home. And then there is that pesky matter of keeping the kids from sticking their hands in the flames and wanting to play in the hot wax. (I have more than a few bright green candle wax stains on my neutral carpet that will NEVER come out.)

When Walmart had me try the new Better Home and Gardens Scented Wax Warmers now available in-store, I thought “eh.. another candle-type product that my husband won't like.” I was secretly hoping, however, that it could be an option for “freshening up” our home sans flames and wax.

Getting started with the warmer was super simple: Just open the box, screw in the included light bulb, place the top on the warmer, put one square of your choice of scented wax in the dish, and turn on the light. (It can stay plugged in all the time because it has a nifty power switch in the cord.) Within minutes, the light bulb warms the dish, melting the wax and filling your home with a heavenly aroma that is just as effective at “freshening up” the home as a candle. (But with far less danger to your possessions, in my opinion.)

Now for the husband: He didn't complain about the wax from the warmer in the same way as a candle, but I was very careful to try a scent that I though wouldn't be overpowering. I chose the “Warm Crackling Campfire” wax, and I thought it was rather sweet for something that was supposed to smell like wood. My husband, on the other hand, came into the family room – where the warmer was – and asked “what smells like burning wood?” I laughed, because I think this pretty much says how authentic the wax scents are.

I know that a few of my blog friends who have tried the warmers are making comparisons between the Better Homes and Gardens offerings and those scent solutions sold a home parties for much more money. I've actually never tried those, so I can't attest to their quality or value. I can say, however, that these warmers are beautiful in the home; I do love the Live, Laugh, Love design of my warmer, and the faint glow from the bulb makes a room feel very welcoming – especially at night. I also love the price point on these items, which is $15.97 for the warmer and $8.97 for a package of 4 different scented waxes.

You can few all of the warmer and wax options online at or in-store at Walmart. I prefer the wood, cashmere, and pumpkin scents, personally.

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