Child Hunger is Still a Major Issue in America

I am excited today. Some of the issues that I've been discussing here on my blog are issues that were new to me when I first started working with ConAgra foods to bring awareness to child hunger. Since my involvement, however, many major news outlets have covered just how widespread food insecurity really is. For example, Parade magazine did a piece on food banks and just how many serve children:

I love that so many people will get to hear about how even the smallest efforts can go a long way towards permanently ending child hunger in the US.

Maybe your family is like mine; you take for granted the smallest things -- like apples.  My son asks for an apple at least once a day.  I never hesitate to tell him "yes."  There may come a time, however, when apples will be a luxury, and this is the reality for many American families.

You can help ensure that healthy, nutritious foods are always available for the asking by kids in the US, simply by purchasing your favorite ConAgra food items before the end of the year.  Buying Healthy Choice meals for work? Great, you can help a kid!  Thinking about getting a few more cans of Chef Boyardee for easy lunches?  That helps, too!

You can find the full details of the Child Hunger Ends Here program in my previous posts or at the website.  Together we can fill all the fruit bowls in America!

*I am a compensated blogger correspondent for ConAgra's Child Hunger Ends Here campaign. Opinions and experiences shared here are my own.