How Much Did We Save? FoodSaver Challenge Update

It has been a surprising few weeks participating in the FoodSaver Challenge.  I thought I would save money, but I was skeptical as to how much.  What really shocked me was how I ended up saving money.  Here's my story:

Yes, I saved what I calculated to be $200-300 a year on food costs due to the spoiled food that I usually throw out.  Take hamburger, for example:  I usually get tired of portioning the big tubes of meat from the butcher, and I end up freezing HUGE chunks that I wrap in foil and wax paper.  When I thaw these chunks, they don't look so good AND I rarely use all of that big chunk before some goes bad.  The FoodSaver has helped me get my portion sizes down, and, upon thawing, the meat looks just as fresh as the day I bought it.

To be honest, however, saving $300 a year hardly justified my buying a FoodSaver and bags.  What really convinced me that this is worth it for my family, however, is the storage potential.  We were all set to buy a new chest freezer last week, because we wanted to take advantage of some sales at my local Walmart.  The problem is that some of the large family-sized boxes of food just wouldn't fit in my upright. I didn't feel good about the new freezer; the cost to buy, the space in the garage, and electricity usage seemed like too much of an investment.  

I put my faith in the FoodSaver to maybe get me through.  I unboxed all of the giant packages of bacon, sausage, and ribs that I bought and portioned them out into just what our family would use in one meal via the FoodSaver.  I couldn't believe how much less space the meat took up AND the food was now safe against freezer burn (something that wasn't happening in the manufacturer's packaging.)  Instead of having my food in what appeared to be flimsy garbage bags, they were now sealed in perfect portions that took up 1/3 of the space!  I no longer needed that additional freezer, and that saved me HUGE money!

Here is a video showing how I used the FoodSaver to get my hamburger stored just right:

All in all, this challenge has the potential to save me $1,000 or more this year, and hundreds the following years.  How much can you save with the FoodSaver?

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*I am a participant in the Walmart Moms program. Walmart provids me with compensation for my time on specific projects. Participation in this program is voluntary. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.