Our Annual Volleyball Banquet features WhoNu? Cookies!

WhoNu? cookies supports athletic teams everywhere by giving us great opportunities to give away prizes and by providing a nutritious alternative to your typical sugary "team snacks."  This year, WhoNu? also appeared as the star of our team's annual sport banquet. 

Our team banquet was a chance for over 50 players and their families to get together, celebrate their wins, and look forward to next year.  The tables were beautiful:

Our daughters were beautiful, too:

In the middle of a classy meal line...

Was an amazing dessert table....

We displayed WhoNu? cookies at the centerpiece of the dessert table, and the kids LOVED them!

It was a long banquet, but the boys were very well behaved (and adorable in their dress shirts.)

We left happy, but exhausted.

Thanks to WhoNu? for helping our team be the best they can be this year!  To see how WhuNu? can help with your snacking goals, check them out on Facebook!

*I am working with WhoNu? in a blogger campaign.  WhoNu? provided me with compensation for my time.