Review of Braun Satin Hair Brush

I was born with wispy cotton-candy hair that my sister still loves to make fun of.  Unfortunately, I passed the trait on to a few of my kids, as well, so static and fly-aways plague our hygiene routine.  At this year's BlogHer conference, I was fortunate enough to participate in a hair "makeover", and the stylist used the new Braun Satin Hair Brush.  To be honest, I had seen it demonstrated, but was feeling sketchy about how well it would work for me.  I'm a special case, after all.

This little brush is more tech than fluffy, allowing users to "turn on" the brush to show a green glowing light.  After a few seconds, the brush is ready to be used.  Just put it through your hair, as normal, and watch the fly-aways go away!  I loved that this brush made my hair look like I had just combed it and "sleeked" it down with a bit of product.  It will save money by not having to actually use hair spray, plus it's better for my hair.

I keep one of these in my diaper bag for when the boys get crazy hat head.  In the winter, when they all wear stocking caps, I need something to tame their hair when we visit people.  Instead of spraying a bunch of detangler into their hair and hoping that it doesn't freeze their little heads, we use the Braun Satin Hair Brush.  They think the brush is "magic!"

Have you seen the brush on commercials?  What do you think?  You can find out more about this "wonder brush" on the Braun website.

*Thanks to P&G for gifting me a Braun brush at BlogHer.  My head thanks you!