Review of Gyro Bowl

You may have seen advertising for this crazy snack bowl aimed at messy kids.  Since I have a toddler who insists on dumping everything on the floor (and I have a super-clumsy preschooler who does it on accident), I was curious as to how this product worked.  Here is a pic of the bowl:

What do we think of the bowl?  To be honest, I love the idea.  It really does work better than anything I can imagine to keep dry foods in their place.  I tried really hard to "tip over" the bowl, and it seems to be near impossible to flip over the contents.  The draw back to a product this "neat" is that the kids see it as a challenge to dump out their food.  (My kids had figured out a way to "shake" the contents of the bowl out on the floor within minutes of testing it.)

Do I think the Gyro Bowl is better than your typical bowl at keeping food in its place?  Yes.  Would I put red candies in it and then suggest that you let your kids dine in your pristine white living room?  No.

The bowl is no replacement for common sense, but it sure is a blast to use!

BPA-Free and easy to clean, you'll want to make sure that you keep all the parts together when you wash.  We misplaced the inside yellow bowl within a day of use, but if you have at least two on hand, this shouldn't be a problem.  (It turned up later.)  The bowl is also rather small (toddler-sized) but perfect for the car!

Find out more about the Gyro Bowl at the Gyro Bowl website!

*Sample received for review.  Opinions are my own.