Review of The True Story of Puss 'N Boots on DVD

Your kids are probably begging you to take them to the new film in theaters that is loosely based on the Puss N' Boots character.  That's well and good, but perhaps you've wanted a bit more insight into the original story of this fabled cat, and you may have even wondered why it was such a famous story for generations.

The True Story of Puss n' Boots from Phase 4 Films is a DVD that features the voice of William Shatner and is plumb full of vivid animation, amazing song, and -- most importantly -- the actual fairy tale that's been handed down for ages.  Originally a French film, there are some elements that may seem a bit confusing to children.  (And, to be honest, the first 20 minutes or so was pretty intense as the villian was being introduced.)  I wasn't sure I could sit through the entire film, because it was stimulating.  As the movie went on, however, I remembered just how accurate it was to the true fairy tale, and I encouraged my kids to continue watching.  They started to really get into it, and were following along with interest until the very end.

This movie has a few negative elements, including the scariness of the villian.  (He turns competing suitors into frogs and then fattens them up via force feeding before they are fed themselves to an ogre.)  The female lead is quite curvaceous, which got comments from my young son. All in all, however, it was nice to expand our cinematic horizons with this film. My children got to see the real Puss in boots and learn a little bit about other cultures.

I'm not sure that my kids won't still be begging to go see the" other" Puss in boots. But at least I know that they will have a little background on where this year's hottest movie trend really came from.

For more information, you can visit the official website of phase 4 films.