What are Your Gift-Giving Goals this Season?

I don't know of any parents that haven't started shopping for their kids' holiday presents (or at least weren't seriously researching them.)  Given the fact that the season is upon us, what are you hoping to accomplish with your families' gift-giving?

There are many "goals" for the presents we give each year.  For example, some families look for "experience gifts" -- trips, concerts, or other event tickets.  Others like to give gifts that can be enjoyed right away (candy, fresh fruits, or fine dining.)  Then there are those that really indulge in their "toys": sporting goods or electronics for the adults and fun, fun playthings for the kiddos!

What about you?  What are you trying to achieve when you give a gift?  We would love to hear your thoughts on your motives behind the blessings you will bestow on others this Christmas.

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