Hickory Farms Has Great Holiday Gifts

Mmm... there's something about the smoked cheddar cheese in the Hickory Farms gift box we tried last month that reminds me of the holidays (and getting together with family and friends!)  We shared this year's box with our kids, and we're lucky to actually have gotten any of the sausage.  (I had to fight my 18-month-old son for the cheese -- he tried eating it, package and all!)

As you can see, the food didn't last long at our house:

I also find it interesting that the food arrives so fresh!  Even though it's shelf-stable, I love that it's shipped so quickly (and so afforably, too.)  Click on the infographic below for more information on how Hickory Farms gets their best to your door.


You can view the full collection of Hickory Farms delicious gifts at their website!

*I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Hickory Farms and received a product sample to facilitate my review.