Make Money Blogging with Escalate Media

I joined Escalate Media not that long ago, and to be honest, I'm still dabbling with the best way to use them in my marketing plan here at Lille Punkin.  Since I know so many of my readers are also bloggers, I thought I'd share some of the perks of the program:
  • The programs change all the time.  That means you don't have to bore your readers with the same old stale banner ads or offers.  There's something new and exciting each week!
  • You get informative emails to help.  No, I don't believe in being bombarded by annoying emails spam, but the folks at Escalate aren't like that.  Expect to get regular emails with just the info you need to make more money with your blog: hot offers, unique promotions, and giveaways just for the bloggers!
  • They are on top of the technical stuff.  I can't tell you how many times I get emails from my affiliate companies telling me that an offer is down or they are working out the bugs from a promotion as it is supposed to be live.  I really don't want to miss clicks or payouts, so this is important.  Escalate has little to no downtime, and responds very quickly to issues.
  • The payout is low.  You only need $25 to cash out, which is the lowest threshold of any of the programs I'm a part of!
If you haven't check out Escalate, I recommend it!  You can sign up today to get started earning more.