Cute Freebie: Pringles Trip Kit!

We took many road trips with the kids last year, and snacks were a huge way we got through the hours of driving.  While Pringles has been a fave that we've toted along, I had never thought of using the empty container as a carry-all for my kid's stuff.  Pringles loves the idea so much, however, that they have made it a bit easier for you to stuff a can and go!

Visit their Facebook Trip Kit tab to see some of the free things to stash for your drive.  It includes:
  • Activities for the kids, including Tic-Tac-Toe, Bingo, coloring sheets, and word search (my son's favorite!)
  • Checklists for both before and after -- so you don't leave anything or anyone behind
  • A link to the Charmin "Sit or Squat" iPhone app to help you find only the most suitable restrooms for your family
While it's pretty cold here in Nebraska, I anticipate getting back on the road very soon.  Some of the tools included in the Pringles Trip Kit will come in handy, and I can see putting crayons and other supplies in the empty tubes for the long road ahead!