Does Udi's Gluten Free Taste Good?

I'm blessed in that I can eat whatever I want.  I don't have alleries; I don't have issues that prevent me from having gluten in my diet.  I do know lots of people who struggle to eat to meet their special dietary restrictions, however, so I was interested to see if Udi's Gluten Free products would taste good -- you, know, in case I had a gluten-free friend over for dinner, or my kids someday needed to eat that way.

I tried several products from the Udi's line, including the individual pizza crusts, the white bread, and the bagels.  Here is what I decided about the three:

The bagels were my fave!  Seriously, I couldn't tell they were gluten-free.  I'd nosh on this all day if I wasn't on another eating plan for the next week.  We finished off the pack of bagels (which were HUGE, fluffy, and full of flavor) within 3 days.  I loved them toasted with cream cheese and strawberry preserves.  Even if you don't have to eat gluten-free, I would recommend these in place of your favorite bagel, any day.

The white bread, while denser than what I like, was pretty decent toasted.  As you can see from the photo below, it is nice and crusty when toasted or broiled, and I had some very filling sandwiches with this loaf.

My kids had to adjust a bit to the drier, less fluffy bread (they are spoiled with breads that are likely full of preservatives), but they didn't complain once, and we all agreed the flavor was delicious!

The pizza blanks (or crusts, as you likely call them) were great!  We rarely use pre-made crusts, so I loved how easy they were to top and bake.  The best part of these were the crusty edges; I fell in love with the texture and taste of what the kids usually don't eat.  The middle part of the pizza was a bit harder to love, as the pizza dough has a different texture than what I'm used to where they absorb the sauce. They seemed a bit dense, but again, it was a minor issue, and I'd gladly eat these again.

One thing to note about the Udi's Gluten Free producs line is that they don't store as long as some of the products you're used to.  We had our one loaf of bread mold after forgetting about it on the counter for over 2 weeks.  This is actually a sign that the bread has less additives than the breads we usually eat, but it's worth noting if you don't go through an entire loaf very quickly.  You might want to store it in the fridge, or if you buy on sale, in the freezer for even longer shelf life.

Learn more about the Udi's line at the official website.  Also, find 5 of the best selling products -- soft white bread, soft whole grain bread, plain bagels, chocolate chip cookies, and pizza crust -- at a Walmart Bakery near you!  (Use this locator to see if your store carries them.)

Have you tried Udi's Gluten Free? What has been your experience?

*This is a sponsored opportunity from Udis'.  I received compensation and sample to share my 100% honest opinions in this post.  Views reflected are my own.