More Control over your Packages with UPS MyChoice

As a review blogger, I constantly get deliveries.  I also do almost all of my shopping online, so the UPS guy is like an old family friend!  I recently signed up for UPS MyChoice as a way to better manage incoming packages.  Instead of finding out I have a package by surprise (and trying to keep my dog from jumping ont he UPS guy), I get an email notification the day or two before my delivery with the sender info, package weight, and the expected delivery time.  I have the option to change the delivery if I'm not home!

From a planning standpoint, this really makes home management much easier.  If I am waiting on diapers that I ordered online, for example, and am unsure when they will arrive, I might be tempted to run to the store at the last minute.  If, after using UPS MyChoice, I know they will arrive between 4 - 6pm, however, I can hold tight with 2 or 3 diapers, knowing they will arrive on time!

Do you enter sweepstakes?  Many folks on the online forums at my favorite contest sites are raving about this service.  Imagine finding out about a winning prize package BEFORE it arrives!

Sign up for UPS MyChoice is free!  If you ever get packages, this is an awesome service to add to your lineup.  

*This is sponsored content. I love the service, however, and opinions are 100% mine!