Review of Pair-a-Keets Socks

We first introduced you to Pair-a-Keets socks in our Holiday Gift Guide, and I am still so very impressed with these socks!  Pair-a-Keets are socks that you can snap together when you're not wearing them.  It keeps them together in the dirty hamper, through the washer and dryer, and into the drawer -- completely preventing the issue of mismatched socks and big baskets of "odd" socks.  Since we owned the Pair-a-Keets, we have been excited to do the sock load.  (Really!)

I need to point out, however, that these socks only work as well as the child or individual that uses them.  For example, I have one very tidy son who remembers to snap together his socks right after taking them off each night; he also puts them directly into the hamper.  Another son of mine tosses one behind the bed and the other back into the closet; this not only irritates me to no end, it defeats the purpose of the snaps.

I strongly recommend both these socks AND training your children and hubby to use the snap feature of the socks.  We also have different designs for everyone in the family; we did have an instance where a pair came apart in the wash because of a very heavy and rough load, and it was easy to know whose socks were whose by the design.

(Some people have asked if the socks are comfy, because they were concerned that the metal snaps might rub or press against the skin while wearing.  There is no need for concern, however; the snaps are completely concealed in the folds of the special sock cuff; you wouldn't even know they were there if I hadn't told you!)

Pair-a-Keets come in sizes and colors for the whole family!  Learn more at the official website or follow them on Twitter!

*Samples received for review. Opinions are 100% my own.