The Best Valentine's Gifts for Women

Cards.  Flowers.  Chocolate.

They are predictable staple of the most romantic holiday of the year, leaving many women in the United States yearning for something a bit more creative and flattering. (Let’s face it; flowers die and candy fattens. Plus, they’re a bit too easy to shop for.) So, just what are the best Valentine's Day Gifts for women?

While the sentiment behind the holiday should never change, this year brings about an opportunity to be more modern, personal, and clever with this year’s gift. Here are our top picks for the sweetest woman in your life.

The Best Valentine's Gifts for Women

Practicality with Passion

If you ask  one hundred women what they wish they had more of from their partners, most would say “listening.” Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show that you actually hear what your gal is saying with a practical gift. Whether it’s a creaky stair that needs fixing, a better set of tires on her vehicle, or just the right sauté pan to create her favorite meal, if she’s been hinting, you better get buying. Pair this practical gift with something sweet to brand it as a romantic gift. Fill the sauté pan with dozens of recipes, and tell her you’ll cook them all for her this year.

Baby Moons

The speculation that the baby moon fad would come and go has been disproven. A baby moon is a vacation taken by the expecting couple. It is often seen as the final vacation before both parents face the sleepless night with a new born. Passionate getaways for moms-to-be aren’t just a gift you can really brag about, they are a perfect way to show the mother of your child how special they really are. Most baby moon travel packages include pampering services, fine dining, and time to relax and enjoy those moments before Junior enters the world. While you certainly won’t want to be dragging a third trimester mama across the globe, destinations can be exotic as you choose, pending your Doc’s approval, of course.

Furry Friends

Another thoughtful gift that you can give is companionship via a rescue animal. Contrary to belief, animals that are adopted from the shelter or from local rescue organizations may not have some of the more troublesome behavior issues that keep many from giving them a loving home. After all, with Christmas just a little over a month ago, many healthy puppies and kitties have been given to shelters after their new owners realized it was not a good fit. If your lady has been asking for a companion animal, this is a gift that shows compassion and caring times two!


Gadgets aren’t just a guy thing; some of the same hot items that graced the tops of holiday wish lists are still on the minds of women this Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s a tablet, netbook, or a smartphone upgrade, you can give her the gift she would never give herself – and feel good knowing it won’t be tossed aside casually after the reveal. While sales won’t be as aggressive as those presented during the end of last year, it might be the perfect time to snag current versions of select technologies before new versions hit the stores. You’ll save, and she’ll smile.

Experience Gifts

Whether it’s a ballerina, astronaut, or physician, all woman have unrealized dreams that they reminisce about. While you won’t be able to get her that doctorate she’s always wanted, you can go the extra mile with an experience gift that compliments her unmet aspirations. Unique opportunities to volunteer, go backstage during a performance, or attend a conference or event in a niche industry are all big gifts that bring even bigger rewards. Explore ways you can give a piece of a dream as a Valentine’s gift; the budget will vary, but the result will likely be priceless. You could end up getting her the best Valentine's Gift she's ever had!

It’s too easy to recommend that you “think outside the box” without challenging you to really get to know your Sweetheart this holiday. For new relationships, it’s understandable that you might not invest as much as someone who has a 40-year marriage to celebrate. In any instance, if your intentions are clear and your message sincere, you’ll likely get more mileage out of your creative, heart-felt gift. 

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