Piñata Apples Coming to a Walmart Near You!

We are an apple eating family, that's for sure.  As we've previously reviewed new kinds of apples, including the SweeTango, we were excited to give the Piñata apple a try.  The apples arrived packed nicely in a box, bold with color and fragrant in smell.  As you can see below, this is one festive-looking apple:

My kids were the first to try the apple; and to be honest, they were a little bit confused at first. "It doesn't really taste like an apple."  "It's very fruity."  "I like the crunch."

These were the comments I heard about this Apple with a firm and crunchy texture and a slightly tropical aftertaste. They did, however, adjust to the unique flavor of apple and or to appreciate its boldness.  We have had several kids go back for more apples since we first received them.

 Well I haven't baked with yet, I did slice it up to serve on a fresh fruit platter at a family birthday party. I was amazed that it didn't brown quickly like other apples when sliced.  (I later found out that this was an intentional characteristic of the Apple.)

The Piñata Apple originated in the 1970s from a mixture of three breeds of Apple: the Golden Delicious, Cox's Orange Pippin, and the Duchess of Oldenburg.  The variety is now grown by Stemilt Growers out of Washington, and they hold the exclusive rights to grow and market this type of apple in the US.  The apples are grown and packed under the Responsible Choice program, ensuring sustainable farming practices are used for a healthier product and environment.

The flavor of these apples intensify in cold storage, making them perfect to eat during the cold winter months.  Look for these apples in January and February at your local Walmart.  Learn more at www.pinataapple.com!

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