Cheap Easter Basket Ideas for Large Families

Like most holidays, Easter can be a drain on the budget.  By the time we buy new baby Easter clothes and make sure the rest of the kids have haircuts, there are still all the basket goodies that need to be purchased!

We turned to our newly-built Walmart location to see if we could get the kids Easter baskets for under $10 each -- or $50 total.

All of this.. just $53!
Gotta have the PAAS!

Using some of the more innovative products available in the Easter aisle, I think we did a pretty good job!  Here are our tips for keeping costs low, no matter where you shop:

1.  Look for multi-packs.  We were happy to see so many novelty gifts for the boys that contained 2-4 items per package. 

These wooden paintable race cars, for example were priced $9 - 12, and provided 3 kids with an activity they would enjoy.  When you divvy up the cost of these kinds of products, you can really stretch the dollar!

2.  Buy for their needs.  Easter baskets should be fun, but that doesn't mean that you can't use the occasion to make a purchase you would have made, anyway.  My daughter needed a new volleyball for the spring clinic she participates in.  This was a great centerpiece for her basket!

3. Forget about being "fair."  I know that many parents make a firm committment to spending the exact amount on each child, but this may lead you into trouble with the final price tag.  Our baby, for example, will need far less candy than his 13-year-old sister.  Her volleyball will cost more than that each individual wooden car.  We try to make the baskets appear to be full and evenly distributed, but we don't factor in the cost per child -- which is almost never exactly the same.  (The kids are always happy with what they get.)

4. Make it special.  Do you know what my kids love most about the goodies in their Easter baskets?  They get to enjoy treats they don't get any other time of year.  Peeps, for example, aren't their favorite candy, but they gobble them down just the same. 

It's the sentimental value of eating these bright pink birds that makes the occasion special.
What fun ways do you keep costs down during Easter shopping?

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