Affordable and Cute Baby Boy Easter Outfits -- Just $16!

Cute and Affordable Baby Boy Easter Outfits

Baby Boy Easter Outfits -- for $16?

I love how adorable Easter clothes are.  We usually issue hand-me-downs to the younger boys, but a few years ago, we discovered that our youngest son would have nothing nice to wear by the time the other 4 boys got done with everything! With no dress clothes for this year's family Easter outing, I become desperate to find some adorable gear he could wear just by ordering online. I headed to to see what I could have shipped to the house, and I found a number of George brand sets for under $16!

There are a variety of vests with dress shirts and slacks for both baby boys and toddler boys. This is the perfect look. I couldn't actually believe that there were baby boy Easter outfits for under $20. This was an incredible deal, with lots of colors and styles to choose from.

Was it as cute in person as it was in the picture?  Here is what I discovered:

First, the material was much more durable than I imagined it would be.  The sweater vest was thick, and the shirt underneath was a George brand dress shirt with real buttons.  (Some baby "dress" shirts have fake buttons or only button up at the top.)  My older boys have been wearing George branded dress clothes for years, so I can vouch for the quality.  The slacks had an elastic waist and one fake button, which is ideal for a baby.

This set also washes up incredibly well. Even after enjoying an Easter Chick Nest Pudding Cup Treat, we were able to wash it with some Tide and get it looking good as new again! It's definitely baby-proof! (So let those kids run and have fun this Easter without fear of ruining their cute outfit.)

The only negative I see from ordering this set is that you can only choose one size.  My little guy is easily a 24 month in most shirts, but has a tiny waist.  We still have to dress him in 18 months for the pants.  This means that, sadly, we might have to pair the nice top and vest with a smaller pair of pants from our existing wardrobe.  (We will wear the pants in the future, however, so it's not like we wasted money.)

Do you agree that this affordable outfit is one of the most endearing ways to dress your little guy this season? I love that you can find baby boy Easter outfits that look classy and cost less! (Note: We purchased our first George set for our son 3 years ago. It is still looking amazing. We've since handed it down to our SIXTH child! Yes, you can pay just $16 for a quality Easter outfit. And the price hasn't gone up in that time, either.)

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