The Easter Bunny Goes Old School with "Here Comes Peter CottonTail" on DVD

I love the old kids' holiday movies from before I was born, and we have always enjoyed introducing the children to the Christmas specials from the 70's.  Easter TV specials, however, I was not so familiar with, but I vaguely remembered the story of Peter Cottontail!

Here is the story involved in this classic holiday DVD:
Peter Cottontail wants to be the #1 Chief Easter Bunny and everyone in April Valley agrees...except for his archrival, evil Irontail. Hop along with Peter and his friends as they race through time celebrating all of your favorite holidays to deliver the most eggs...and save Easter for children everywhere!

My kids were glued to this show, and they really enjoyed the singing!  They don't see old stop-motion animation every day, so this was a real treat for them!  What my kids didn't realize was that this has been restored beautifully from the original.  We watched it on our large-screen HDTV, and while the show itself isn't in high def, the colors pop, and there is none of the grainy or blurry look that the original videos seemed plagued by.

Starring the singing talent of Danny Kaye with the voice talents of Vincent Price and Casey Kasem, this is a nice, short, classic film to keep in your holiday collection.

Do your kids like to color?  Click the image below for a FREE Peter Cottontail coloring sheet!

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*Screener was received to review from Classic Media.  Opinions are 100% my own.