Easy St. Patrick's Day Pistachio Cookies

If green food isn't your thing, we can still guarantee you'll want to give these easy cookies a try!  We stumbled upon the recipe for these Pistachio Cookies when I wanted some inspiration for things I could do with pistachio pudding mix in celebration of St. Patrick's Day.  We tweaked it slightly, but you can find the original recipe at the King Arthur Flour site.

The variations we made from the original recipe included:
  • Substituting regular white flour for the unbleached flour
  • Using 2 packages Great Value Pistachio Pudding Mix
  • Leaving out the extra pistachios (the mix had plenty)
  • Adding a few drop of green food coloring for more vibrant cookies
  • Using a teaspoon to make perfectly round mini cookies (the dough was very stiff and easy to work with)
This gobbledygook is our dough!

Little green cookies ready to be baked!

Our tiny little pistachio treats are done.
As you can see, these are very festive-looking.  We did a smaller cookie, and they needed less time to cook (just 12 minutes.)  We found that they were crunchy on the outside and chewy on the in the inside.  They also had the best flavor when still warm!  These would make perfect little cookies for kids during the holiday.  They have great pistachio flavor and are very inexpensive to make.

What fun St. Patrick's Day recipes have you come up with?

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