Fast and Easy Recipes: Cowboy Quesadillas

While I love cooking a slow-simmered meal, time is of the essence here at the Knerl household.  I came up with this idea for a quick lunch last month, and I thought I would share!  To make "Cowboy Quesadillas", simply:

Assemble the ingredients.  You will use either homemade or store-prepared BBQ meat (chicken, pork, or beef), shredded cheese, chopped red onions, tortillas, and some kind of oil or cooking spray.

Fill the tortillas.  Place the BBQ meat, cheese, and onions (omit the onions for small kids who may hate them) into the tortillas, and make sure the filling goes almost all the way to the edges.  (In the photo above, I hadn't spread it out yet.)

Place the tortillas on a hot skillet.  I grease the skillet really well with some olive oil or cooking spray to keep the tortilla from sticking and give it a little crisp.  (This is especially important for whole wheat tortillas -- they need help getting crunchy!)   Then, fold the tortilla over into a half moon shape.  You can do two at a time in an average skillet.

Serve.  When both sides of the torillas are crispy (you'll need to flip halfway through), take them out of the skillet, cut into triangles, and serve with fresh veggies and fruit!

Do you have a quick "made-up" recipe to share?