Review of KIDS 'N' PETS Stain and Odor Remover

We have kids and pets, so this review was perfect for us. We also have carpet (blech), and we were stumped as to how to consistently get the stains out of all the places in our home. We had tried and liked some leading spot cleaners that we had reviewed here before, but I still didn't have a comprehensive solution that I could use in my carpet cleaner, right out of the bottle, and in other various ways. KIDS 'N' PETS gave me that opportunity.

This cleaner is very pleasant-smelling and can be applied directly on stains. We have used it on clothing before tossing it into the laundry, and also on fresh spills on the carpet (it takes coffee out very well.) We also tried it on older stains that didn't get noticed right away, and it did at least as good a job as the carpet cleaners specifically made for spot cleaning. We also diluted it for use in our carpet cleaning machine. Each time, it performed as well or better than the cleaners made for the job – but we could reach for the same product every time.

The large bottle lasted quite a while, considering how often I went for it. It was gentle, not burning my skin or filling my home with horrible toxic smells. I felt OK about putting it on to set for awhile and maybe having my little guy walk on it with bare feet.

Overall, I am always preferential toward multi-purpose cleaning solutions.  I would definitely give this product a try!  Learn more at the official website, or find them on Twitter and Facebook!

*Sample bottle was received to review.  Opinions are 100% my own.