Review of Tide Pods

I can't believe it was almost 3 years ago when we first shared our review of Tide Stain Release!  Well, we are still using the Duo Packs today (I have a standing order with Amazon via Subscribe and Save.)  I appreciate that my laundry has come out fresh and clean without a pre-treating process.

You can imagine, then, that I was more than excited to learn that Tide has made it even easier to treat stains, and have fresh-smelling clean laundry with their new Tide Pods product.  This new offering follows the same basic premise of tossing a packet into your machine before you add the laundry or water, but it has an added benefit --detergent!  Now, I no longer have to toss in my Duo Pack and add detergent in the detergent tray of my front-loading HE washer.  One pack does it all.  (I still use dryer sheets in my drying cycle for added softness and reduction of static cling, however -- when I'm not line-drying.)

Here is what these little guys look like:

They are noticeably more "squishy" than the Duo Packs (which have a powder in them.)  These are all liquid inside, so be careful when handling!  I also want to point out that it is very important to seal your bag of Pods after removing them from the package.  You don't want any humidity in your home to damage them.  They will dissolve in the bag if you have your dryer running into your home or garage, for example, and the bag is not properly sealed. (If you have concerns, I would suggest storing the entire bag somewhere with less heat or humidity.)

After they are in the wash (I use one for regular loads; two for my hubby's dirty work stuff), you add your clothes and start the cycle like normal.  When they are finished, they are clean, smelling lightly perfumed but very nice, and ready to be dried. (I sampled the Spring Meadow scent.) There is no need for added detergent! (Although I never use cold water to wash, these are designed to be effective in cold water.  This is a plus for you eco-friendly moms out there!)

I am already in love with this product.  So much so, in fact, that it may be time to upgrade.  Once I finish my 3 packages of Duo Packs that I have on hand, I'm going to be ordering these for the future!

Find out more info on this product at the Tide website.  Get them at and other retailers.

*Sample package was received to review.  Opinions are 100% my own.