Cute Gift Idea: Send a Flying Card

I believe that hand-written notes and good, old-fashioned letters are so valuable in these days of emails and Facebook updates.  While I understand the value of high-tech communication, nothing makes a person feel more special than getting mail. takes it one step further with a message you can use and keep forever!

All of their messages are imprinted on a plastic toy disc, with a removable mailing label that will be addressed to whomever you wish.  The disc itself is postage-paid and travels through the mail -- no envelope needed!  You can choose from several colors and messages, and customize your "flying card" with your choice of special text, business logos, or family photos!

We received one in the mail that looked great!  The kids snagged it right away and started playing with it.  The mailman didn't have an opportunity to bend it, either.  These are sturdy and fun (and they won't be tossed like a traditional envelope.

For any occasion or message you could imagine, there is a way to customize your "flying card."  Prices start at $9.99 plus free shipping for a limited time.  Check out their site at!

*A sample flying card was sent.  Opinions are my own.