Glad Black Bag Tour

We have one of the biggest kitchen trash cans in history.  It is actually a contractor trash bin that came with the house, and we have a special closet for it -- it's that big.  We fill it quite often, and because the kids are the ones who take out the trash, only the largest, most sturdy bag will do.  We have been using Glad Large Black Trash Bags for the past 3 years, and if I happen to substitute with any other brand, we usually end up with a big mess on the kitchen floor!

While I could feel bad about having so much trash, we really do try to recycle what we can, repurpose other things, and give scraps to the chickens.  We also like to look at new and interesting ways to create crafts from our paper trash, something that has caught on nationwide.  In fact, Glad recently took part in an art auction with unique pieces from Jason Mecier that were created from -- trash!

While the bidding is over, the fun pieces are still on display via the website.  More details of what the components of the piece were are here:
Glad has partnered with acclaimed artist Jason Mecier to create custom artwork from the would-be trash of Hollywood stars, including actress Amy Smart, actor Jesse Eisenberg, reality star Lauren Conrad, actress Emmanuelle Chriqui of “Entourage,” Parks & Recreation’s Nick Offerman, actress Megan Mullally, Dancing with the Stars’ Chelsie Hightower, and “iCarly’s” Nathan Kress. In addition, we’ve tapped Great American Cleanup™ volunteers to submit unique finds from cleanup events across the country.
Sounds pretty cool, if you ask me!

Have you done anything creative or unique with your trash?  What about local cleanup efforts?  We talk about taking good care of our world in stewardship conversations with our kids.  How have you discussed it with your kids?

Catch Glad's latest campaign on their Facebook page!  You'll have the chance to create a trailer for The Wild Life for a chance to win $25,000!  You can also follow along on Twitter.

*I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Glad Black Bag and received a Glad Black Bag product and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.