Review of Fresh Produce Clothing

I'm in need of a new "mommy" wardrobe -- one that looks a little less "mommy" than I'm used to wearing, but that is still comfy and functional.  I was asked to try out a piece of clothing from the Fresh Produce clothing line, and, at first, I was hesitatant.  Many of the items on the site were dressy or seemed to be a bit more feminine than how I dress, but after looking through the site a bit more, I saw lots of cute items that fit my taste!

I decided to try out the Navigator Jacket ($59) in Oyster.  

Me wearing the jacket

It was of a sturdy but soft material, and I really liked how it zipped all the way up to my neck or could be worn open a bit.  The high collar was also a nice touch.  I was needing a more "grown-up" replacement for my hooded cotton jacket that I wore everywhere, and this could have been worn on vacation or when traveling for business with a nice pair of jeans.

Model wearing the jacket
The jacket comes in 5 sizes, and a choice of 11 colors, including Laguna, Peri, Black, and Tropical Punch!

The company also carries a wide assortment of skirts, capris, blouses, and dresses.  For anyone looking for a combo of cozy and put-together, there is likely a style for your taste; the fit is also very true to size.

If you're looking to update your wardrobe with some fresh spring clothes, I recommend checking out Fresh Produce.  Check out the site at

*Sample received to review.  Opinions are my own.