Seeds of Change Kids Garden Starter Kits Make Family-Friendly Gardens!

We are a bit behind on our seed starting this year, I know.  Thankfully, it was made a bit easier and family-friendly this year with the Seeds of Change Kids Garden Starter Kits.  We had the children try their hand at starting watermelon plants with the ready-to-start kits, now available at Walmart.
"The country’s oldest organic seed provider, Seeds of Change®, offers one of the industry’s largest selections of 100% Certified Organic vegetable, flower, and herb seeds."
These kits had everything you needed (short of water and sunlight) to get your watermelon plants on their way.  The box contained:

  • Instructions
  • Organic Planting Mix (enough for two pots)
  • 2 biodegradable pots
  • Organic watermelon seeds
  • Tray
We followed the directions exactly, and my son helped me to...

add the soil mix to the pots,

add water to the potted soil,

put the seeds into the soil (one in each corner of the pot),

place the pots into our homemade sun-shelves in our living room.  (We placed a little plastic wrap on our shelves to catch any additional moisture from a potential incident of over watering.)

The instructions included even gave us tips for how to handle the seedlings after they pop up!

We can't wait to see how these plants do, and to put them in our garden soon.

The Watermelon kit is just one of the Seeds of Change Kids kits available at Walmart. They also offer a Pumpkin Kids Garden Starter Kit, Carrots & Lettuce Kids Garden Starter Kit, as well as a Tomato Garden Starter Kit and Herb Garden Starter Kit for all ages. Stay tuned to see how we do!

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